Golden Rules of Life That Always Work

Our future depends on the decisions we make today. You can spend to make the same wrong choices every day, but you can focus on what’s really important for us.

The simple truths that seem to know everything, but few applied.  We offer reread them from time to time.

  1. Never forgive traitors. They do not change.
  2. Tell the truth, then you do not have to remember anything.
  3. Do not laugh at anyone’s dreams. Think of your own.
  4. If you had an idea – record.
  5. You can not come in time? Be sure to warn, it is not hard to do.
  6. Do not spread rumors, do not participate in their discussion – remember that these same people can dissolve them about you.
  7. Be able to admit their mistakes. Do not mistake only one who does nothing.
  8. Do not complain. The problem is given to us not to complain, but to solve.
  9. Move on in spite of everything. Do not stop there and do not sit quiet.
  10. At the beginning of the day do the most difficult and unpleasant task.
  11. TV is always a waste of time. Do not watch it.
  12. Try not to borrow money. Debts like a trap: easy to get there, but it is difficult to get out.
  13. Politeness is always welcome. It is cheap and valued by others.
  14. Do not live past successes or failures. Your past does not determine your future.
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