How many of us are anticipating happiness in the future?! For how many of us is happiness a distant goal?

We look forward to finish school and enter the university, then to start work, to get the promotion; we expect “him/her” to appear, and assure ourselves that tomorrow is preparing the best for us. We have often thought that we would be happy if we finished this project, if we got the desired job, if we bought a dream car, if our dream came true!

Unfortunately, this kind of attitude to life may be less justified, since we will always want more, we will always start to seek happiness elsewhere never ever even going close to it. If we enter the university we’ll start worrying about exams or getting a part-time job; after the graduation we’ll find work, but will still be upset about the reduced time; then we’ll have a baby, sleepless nights and of course worries about his future. I wish everything had been better, that we had had better education, life, fun, wife or husband and achievements! If only I had done it… If only I had a chance to go back to the past, if only I had a better car, a better house… this is how our life passes by, worrying about what we don’t have and forgetting about how much we have here and now! We forget that happiness is not in the past, nor in the future but now, at the present time!

Have you ever watched children playing? Unlike us they are truly in the present, fully engaged in what they are doing and not in thinking about the past or the future. Children never postpone beautiful memories for the future, they do everything for their happiness instantly!

So, don’t let happiness be the purpose of your planned life, as life is happiness itself! Happiness doesn’t have tomorrow or a definite time, it is always here and now!

“There is no way to happiness: happiness is the way!”

Wish you happiness!