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Believe in Yourself! Have Faith in Your Abilities!

Is everyone able to succeed in life? Are you doing your best to achieve something and all in vain? Are you being told you have no talent for it and are just losing your time?

Never give up on your dreams just because some “well-wishers” told you that you are not able to fulfil your dreams; or having experienced a series of setbacks, you have made the same conclusion. The facts I’m going to talk about are the answers to the questions above, and they will help you understand that anyone is able to achieve great success in life.

  • A recording studio: “We don’t like their music, they can’t even play the guitar normally” – (they meant the Beatles).
  • The music teacher told him he would never become a composer. (Ludwig Van Beethoven)
  • He was told he would never be able to sing again. (Enrico Caruso)
  • He was dismissed from his job for the lack of higher levels of creativity and for inability to come up with any original ideas. (Walt Disney)
  • The teacher told him he was too mentally retarded to learn anything. (Thomas Edison)
  • He was 4 years old when he started talking. His teachers said he would not be able to achieve much in life. (Albert Einstein)
  • He wasn’t good at learning and failed to succeed in the family business too. (Isaak Newton)
  • She was told by the producers that she was not attractive and was bad at acting. (Marilyn Monroe)
  • He was fired from the school basketball team. Upon returning home, he fell on the bed and cried a lot. (Michael Jordan)