There are many personality tests on the Internet, but it can be said that the Dalai Lama Personality Test is special in its simplicity and uniqueness. Please sit down, think carefully about the answers and then click the button to see the results of the answers.

Dalai Lama Personality Test

First, order the following animals according to your preference:

a) Cow;
b) Tiger;
c) Sheep;
d) Horse;
e) Pig.

Second, write a word that describes each of the following:

a) Dog;
b) Cat;
c) Rat;
d) Coffee;
e) Ocean.

Third, think about someone (who also knows you and is important to you,) that can be related to the following colors (do not repeat your answers.)

Name only one person per color:

a) Yellow;
b) Orange;
c) Red;
d) White;
e) Green.

Finally, write down your favorite number, as well as your favorite weekday.

Dalai Lama Personality Test Results