February 11, 1990 was supposed to be just an ordinary day in boxing history. The residents of Tokyo thought the same and went to the game just to see Mike. However, something that had not been expected at all happened on that special day.

Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas. The event took place.

As you know Mike Tyson was widely considered the world’s top heavyweight and was feared by his opponents. The fight was supposed to be held without any tension since Mike was considered to be the actual winner. Despite preliminary speculations things went differently and Buster Douglas showed the world his strength and determination to their full advantage. At the beginning of the match Mike landed a few of his signature uppercuts and managed to knock his opponent down after several rounds. Douglas got up after a 9-second count. The world faced the first miracle: no one could ever got up after Mike’s knockdown, but Buster Douglas did – he became the first man who survived Tyson’s knockdown and continued the fight finishing it by knocking out then-undefeated and undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. Buster Douglas thus made a real miracle – he gave one of the best fights ever in boxing history. The world was shocked, people couldn’t help admiring the new heavyweight champion who beat the best boxer on the planet. The most interesting was Buster’s words during the post-fight interview when asked why he was able to win this fight when no one thought he could. “Because of my mother, while she was alive she told everyone that I would beat Mike Tyson. But she died before the fight took place”. Buster could have either given up or made his mother’s wish come true at any cost.

My dear friends, if you want to succeed then ask yourself “why”, and if you can answer the question it means you are stronger than your obstacles. And make sure you know why you want, why you fight and why you try!

Do you really want to succeed? Rule number 1: don’t give up no matter what challenges you face! Like Buster Douglas, who survived Mike Tyson’s knockdown and eventually won the fight, you can do the same – change everything in your favor! Just believe in yourself, motivate yourself and make sure you know what you fight for and why.

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