There are people who will never understand why we are always cheerful and smiling, the reason we are so childishly friendly and cheer up those who are sad, or share a tremendous amount of our energy with others. They consider it very silly and childish and often tell us: “it’s time you grew up”.

They once used to be like us, but slowly forgot it as they „grew up” and are now called „grown-ups”. The „grown-ups” who because of everyday worries and routine forgot that they used to like it very much. With a solemn look on their faces they now call upon us to say “no” to our colorful world they call illusory and blend in their grey “matrix”.

It’s a paradox, we bring up our children on fairy tales and magical stories, tell them how beautiful the world is and how wonderful their future will be. Children start believing in this magic world, dream a lot and are happy. But then, at a certain age we reveal to them these were just fairy tales for children and it’s time they took off their “rose-tinted glasses” and “grew up”… We don’t even realize that we clip their wings, the wings that we have given to them ourselves! This is perhaps when a person experiences his first frustration and starts asking himself: “did mom/dad lie to me? Things are different from what we have been told!” He won’t say it out loud, as it’s happened in his subconscious mind, so he starts observing what kind of life we are living, whether we are happy or not, and thinks to himself “should I pretend to be happy like them?! Why did they give birth to me?!”… Thereafter a child either joins the “grey” world or fights for what is natural to him trying to make his magic world real, and if you think carefully, my dear “grown-up”, every detail created in our reality by Man was initially a dream, I mean D-R-E-A-M! That’s why optimists change the world, pessimists just observe and realists simply don’t want to admit both. Although most realists are optimists in the bottom of their hearts, due to some disappointments it’s hard for them to believe in the myth of “a dream come true” (I hope “realists” won’t kill me for saying this: )) …).

And so my friend, if like me you still believe in magic that the joint effort of positive people can make, know that there are many of us and we should share love, kindness, smile and stand hand in hand in the service of others.

Smile with face, smile with mind…even smile in your liver” – Ketut (from the movie – “Eat, Pray, Love”)

P.S. “Grown-ups”, why are you so fond of watching movies about beautiful stories and a magic world if you don’t believe in them? Or perhaps you are just “killing” your time trying to escape this “grey” world for some time and “find shelter” in your illusions? I guess it’s worth reflecting on…

With love,

Tako Meparishvili

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